A downloadable game for Windows

Well met, Caennard.

A team of our best mechanical units stand at your disposal. 

Your mission is simple.

Rid Britannia of the Imperial scum.

What is Titanium Core?

Set in an alternate universe where the Roman Empire never fell, you find yourself at the head of a highly trained squad of Celtic Mechanical Units, or Mechs, who set out on their mission to reconquer their lost homelands. In a world where few stand against many, you will have to rely on expert skill and tactical ability to bring down the vast armies of the Roman Empire in this Squad Based, Grid Based Tactical RPG. 


  • Grid Based Tactical Combat: Enjoy Chess? Try imagining a game of Chess, but with Guns, Mechs and Overwhelming Firepower.
  • Class And Weapon Customization: There is a Weapon and Class for every situation. Collect Cores to upgrade your Mechs and adapt your Squad to handle any type of Enemy or Mission. (In-Development) 
  • Exterminate The Invaders: Instead of slowly desintegrating, the Empire grew older and tougher until there were none left to challenge it. Harness your skills and show the Empire that nothing lasts forever.


Titanium Core was created during 7 weeks as a school project by a team of 13 students at FutureGames, Stockholm. The Goddess of Luck must have been smiling when she put so many X:COM and Roman History nerds in the same group. Our focus lay on streamlining the tactical combat of the day, simplifying and zooming in on a core of asynchronous design concepts such as Stealth, Reverse Tower Defence, Customization and Few-versus-Many.

The Downloadable Game is a Prototype. As such, not all Features may be represented in game.


Titanium Core.rar 322 MB


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This looks like a great game and I'm looking forward to playing it more. Here's my first Impressions video for Titanium Core: